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With questions swirling around this week’s revelations that Scott Walker quashed an independent review of Lincoln Hills just days before the crisis went public, the governor’s memory has suddenly gone fuzzy.

Asked today about his decision to cancel the independent review, Walker ducked and claimed he can’t remember what happened.

From the Wisconsin State Journal report:

Recently, WSAW-TV reported Walker’s office instructed Wall to cancel an outside review of the prison in late 2015, shortly after a Lincoln County judge ordered state authorities to being investigating alleged abuses and assaults at the prison. 

Walker, speaking Friday while touring a manufacturer in Middleton, said “I don’t have any knowledge of that.” 

“I’d have to go back and look at the records one way or another. That’s a long time ago,” Walker said.

How convenient. Walker has habit of trying to avoid his corrections record. The governor was criticized by fellow Republicans earlier this year for saying he saw “no value” in visiting a state prison. For weeks now, he refused to sit down with WSAW and other outlets to discuss the damning report.

“We know Scott Walker tried to keep the Lincoln Hills crisis under wraps, and now that he’s been exposed, he’s playing dumb to avoid the consequences,” said DPW spokesperson Alex Japko. “He won’t answer questions for the same reason he won’t visit a prison: he can’t take responsibility for his failures. Wisconsin deserves a governor who won’t stick their head in the sand every time something goes wrong.” 

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