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Potentially felonious actions of Walker friend and alleged sexual abuser Eric Greitens apparently not enough to earn his condemnation

MADISON — Gov. Scott Walker gave a noncommittal answer this week when asked if Gov. Eric Greitens, who he personally campaigned to get elected in 2016, should resign in light of charges and accusations he is facing for alleged non-consensual sexual activity, abuse, violence and blackmail. When asked, Walker cowardly passed on saying Greitens should step down, instead suggesting that the decision should be left to voters who will not have the opportunity to vote out Greitens until 2020.

Now Republican Missouri Attorney General Josh Hawley has announced he found enough evidence for a judge to charge the embattled governor with a felony for allegedly stealing lists from a veterans’ charity he founded to use them to fundraise for his own political campaigns.

According to multiple media reports, Walker’s hedging and inadequate statement included no direct condemnation of Greitens nor did he issue any call for Greitens to step down:

“I think it’s a horribly sad situation there,” Walker said. “I think, looking at what the Legislature said there, if those reports are accurate and it seems like they keep reaffirming those, I don’t know how someone stays in that position. I think for the citizens of the state, it’s difficult, if not impossible, for him to govern.”

“That Scott Walker has not unequivocally called for the resignation of his friend and protégé despite serious, founded allegations of abuse toward a woman clearly shows what Walker is willing to overlook for Republican friends and allies,” said Martha Laning, chair of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin. “For Walker, basic decency and respect for women and veterans is apparently less important than maintaining political allies.”

Walker played a significant role in electing Eric Greitens to the governor’s office during his role as chair of the Republican Governors’ Association (RGA) (See He stumped for Greitens in Missouri, joined him for abill signing to lower wages on public projects in Missouri and publicly congratulated him on Twitter for his victory.

“Walker undoubtedly has a personal investment in Greiten’s career,” said Laning. “His fall from grace must be difficult for Walker to watch, but that doesn’t change the fact that Greitens’ disturbing conduct demands Walker’s complete and utter condemnation.”

The woman involved in the Greitens scandal also alleges that Greitens forced her to perform various sexual acts without her consent and that he was also physically violent with her. The Republican-controlled legislature in Missouri found her testimony to be “credible.”

“This is bigger than politics,” added Laning. “This is about standing up for veterans and survivors and restoring a culture of accountability for our elected leaders. Our leaders need to call out and condemn reprehensible conduct, particularly by someone who they have vouched for and promoted. It’s beyond disappointing that Walker refuses to do the bare minimum.”

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