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The Wisconsin Department of Transportation has notified 60 agencies that they will receive 2019 awards totaling $6,255,353 in state and federal funds to enhance and support local transportation options for Wisconsin seniors and individuals with disabilities. The grants assist local public entities and private, non-profit agencies in rural and smaller urban areas and can be used for mobility management, operating assistance and vehicle purchases.

The program will fund 80 percent of the cost for 68 vehicles to either replace existing vehicles or expand services. WisDOT holds active contracts with several vendors for minivans, minibuses, and medium and large buses. In addition, approved projects for 2018 include funding for 17 mobility management projects to help coordinate transportation services, increase transportation capacity and connect individuals with transportation services in their geographic service area. There also are 17 operating assistance grants that will provide driver training, voucher programs and mileage reimbursement for driver’s using their own vehicles.

The specialized transportation program is administered through the Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT) via the Federal Transit Administration’s Enhanced Mobility of Seniors and Individuals with Disabilities Program (Section 5310).

WisDOT administers the specialized transportation program for the rural and smaller urban areas of the state. The cities of Milwaukee, Madison, Appleton and Green Bay administer the federal 5310 program for their geographic areas. They coordinate with WisDOT to ensure continuity of the application and project selection process.

The federal and state program, initiated in the mid-1970s, has helped fund the purchase of 2,216 vehicles in Wisconsin, including the 597 active vehicles currently providing transportation services to seniors and individuals with disabilities.

See the complete list of Enhanced Mobility for Seniors and Individuals with Disabilities Program Grants for 2019 on the WisDOT website.

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