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Newly uncovered letter offers further proof Flynn is misleading Wisconsinites as opponents in Democrat primary for governor remain silent on sexual abuse scandal

[Madison, WI] — A newly uncovered Archdiocese letter being released by the Republican Party of Wisconsin details how Matt Flynn, Democrat candidate for governor, gave direct counsel to a priest accused of sexual abuse – explicitly debunking Flynn’s continued claims to the contrary. According to the letter from the accused priest, Flynn told him to “wait and see” if the victim would file charges and that the victim “wasn’t going to do anything.” Following his meeting with Flynn, the priest was transferred numerous times. Instead of standing up for the victims like he claimed, Flynn has been lying this whole time, and was an accomplice to this tragedy.

The party released the letter in advance of a call Flynn is doing with the press about a statement from disgraced Bishop Weakland, who was complicit in the cover up.

“Matt Flynn lied about his role protecting these dangerous predators — this letter proves his dishonesty and now his only defense is hiding behind a disgraced bishop who was his partner in the cover-up,” said Alec Zimmerman, spokesman for the Republican Party of Wisconsin. “Victims’ rights groups, the Wisconsin Women’s March and even Democrat legislators have all condemned this behavior. The only question remaining is why are these other Democrat candidates failing to stand up over Flynn’s involvement in this scandal?”

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