Contact: Alec Zimmerman
(608) 257-4765

[Madison, WI] — As first reported on the Mark Belling Show last night, an audio recording of Rebecca Dallet at a fundraiser in California reveals that Dallet told far-left activists that she wants Wisconsin to share in the San Francisco values that our state has “lost along the way.” Dallet is a liberal activist running for the state’s highest court – after listening to this audio, how can anyone in Wisconsin think that Rebecca Dallet will be impartial on the bench?

“Wisconsin deserves a Supreme Court Justice who will defend the impartiality of our courts, not a liberal activist judge who will legislate from the bench and pander to the far-left,” said Mark Morgan, Executive Director for the Republican Party of Wisconsin. “Dallet’s decision to attack the values of Wisconsin voters in order to appease her far-left donors in San Francisco is unacceptable and proof that she is unfit to sit on Wisconsin’s highest court”

Listen to the full audio recording of Dallet’s remarks here.

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