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WisGOP: D.C. Kohl still putting Washington special interests over Wisconsin families
Glenn Grothman will continue to fight for Wisconsin values
[Madison, WI] — D.C. Dan Kohl is a far-left Washington insider who is out of touch with Wisconsin’s 6th Congressional District. Kohl’s resume includes supporting extreme ideas like a government takeover of health care and running a D.C. special-interest group that has doled out millions of dollars to liberal candidates. Glenn Grothman will fight for Wisconsin families while D.C. Dan will only fight for his friends in the swamp.
“The 6th Congressional District is lucky to have Glenn Grothman who will put their interests first with every vote,” said Republican Party of Wisconsin Chairman Brad Courtney. “Unlike his opponent, who has spent more time in Washington than Wisconsin recently, Glenn has shown time and again his top priority is the people of his district. He’ll keep fighting for less government, lower taxes, and better health care for hard-working Wisconsin families.
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