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Reforms of Governor Walker have Wisconsin working again 
[Madison, WI] — Thanks to the reforms of Governor Scott Walker, Wisconsin is working again. The state’s unemployment rate is at the all-time low, and more people are employed than ever before. While Governor Walker is advocating for policies that help create jobs and get workers the training they need, Democrats are opposing the reforms behind Wisconsin’s comeback.
“With our unemployment rate at the all-time low, Wisconsin is seeing the real results of Governor Scott Walker’s bold reforms,” said Alec Zimmerman, spokesman for the Republican Party of Wisconsin. “Sadly, Wisconsin Democrats have fought the policies championed by Governor Walker that are helping set workers in our state up for success. Thanks to the governor, Wisconsin is working again.”

Democrats are opposing Wisconsin’s comeback 

  • No Democrats supported Governor Walker’s most recent budget which increased funding for worker training.
  • Despite opposition from Democrats, Governor Walker’s welfare reforms are helping Wisconsinites get jobs and moving them from dependence on the government to true independence.
  • Since taking office, Governor Walker has delivered over $200 million for worker training programs that help get Wisconsinites the skills they need to succeed in the workforce.
  • With Governor Walker’s reforms, more people are working than ever before and our unemployment rate is at the all-time low.
  • When Democrats were in charge, Wisconsin saw billion-dollar budget deficits and massive job loss. Thanks to the governor’s reforms, our state budget is balanced and we can focus on priorities like worker training.
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