Contact: Alec Zimmerman
(608) 257-4765

[Madison, WI] — The Republican Party of Wisconsin announced today that it has filed a complaint against Judge Rebecca Dallet with the Wisconsin Judicial Commission for violating the code of judicial conduct by improperly using her court calendar to drive her fundraising operation by soliciting contributions from attorneys who have cases before her. RPW is calling for the Judicial Commission to immediately launch an investigation into Dallet’s conduct on the bench. The following statement was released from RPW Executive Director Mark Morgan:

“Today the people of Wisconsin are seeing that Rebecca Dallet’s hypocrisy on judicial ethics not only knows no bounds — it has led to deeply disturbing and clearly improper conduct. Fairness and equality before the court are cornerstones of the judiciary, and Rebecca Dallet’s use of her court calendar as a fundraising operation calls both of those, and her judgement, into question. Rebecca Dallet needs to immediately explain the disturbing trend of hearing cases while cashing the checks of those who come before her on the bench.”

The complaint calling for an investigation follows a report that Dallet had violated her own standards for recusing herself from cases. Read the full complaint and supporting evidence here.

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