WisGOP: Foxconn’s impact reaches every corner of Wisconsin

Contact: Alec Zimmerman
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[Madison, WI] — All over Wisconsin you can see the impact that Foxconn’s historic investment is having on the state. While Democrats are determined to tarnish the company as they try to take down Scott Walker, Wisconsin workers are already winning from the thousands of jobs and billions in investment that will come from Foxconn’s historic move.

“Thanks to the leadership of Governor Scott Walker, Wisconsin workers from across the state are already seeing the real benefits of Foxconn’s historic investment,” said Alec Zimmerman, spokesman for the Republican Party of Wisconsin. “Sadly, the Democrats are locked into their dangerous race to the left, pushing ideas on the campaign trail that would cost these same workers their jobs – just so they can appease their far-left base.”

Watch the new ads from Governor Walker and see how Foxconn is helping western Wisconsin, central and northern Wisconsin, the Fox Valley, and southeastern Wisconsin.

Foxconn’s Statewide Impact:
In addition to the 13,000 jobs that Foxconn will produce directly, the project is expected to create thousands of indirect and induced jobs across Wisconsin.
Already, contracts have been awarded to Wisconsin companies throughout the statethat involve 800 workers in nearly every county.
Foxconn has furthered its investment by purchasing buildings in Green Bayand Eau Clairefor technology innovation centers that will employ hundreds more in addition to what is expected in southeastern Wisconsin.