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[Madison, WI] — Democrats running for governor have decided to play politics with the thousands of jobs and billions in investment that have already begun with Foxconn’s transformative move into Wisconsin. As they look to blindly oppose everything Scott Walker does, they’re misleading voters along the way to score points with their far-left base.

“This is pure politics, and Democrats are so desperate to regain power that they will oppose anything Governor Walker is for, including thousands of family-supporting jobs and a transformational investment in the state’s economy,” said Alec Zimmerman, spokesman for the Republican Party of Wisconsin. “Foxconn’s investment will help hard-working families in communities across the state and those benefits have only just begun. The governor’s bold reforms helped start the Wisconsin comeback.”

Check out some of the Democrat’s Foxconn fallacies:
Tony Evers: There is no guarantee that Foxconn will pay a living wage.
Fact: Foxconn will pay an average salary of $53,875.
Paul Soglin: Like Madison did with Exact Sciences, Foxconn should provide healthcare for ever worker.
Fact: Foxconn already has promised to provide healthcare. They will pay 100 percent of individual health insurance premiums, including dental and vision.
Kelda Roys: Foxconn will only benefit those in a small portion of the state and the rest of Wisconsin will be “left out.”
Fact: Foxconn benefits businesses across Wisconsin. 27 of the 28 subcontractors are from right here in Wisconsin, including a Black River Falls construction company and a Marathon piping company, just to name a few. Workers from 60 of Wisconsin’s 72 counties are already expected to benefit from the project.

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