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Democrat opponents advocate for plan that would release thousands of violent offenders
[Madison, WI] — There is a stark contrast between Governor Walker and his Democrat opponents when it comes to keeping Wisconsin families safe. Governor Walker wants to make sure that our communities are safe, while his Democratic opponents are advocating for the dangerously liberal policy of cutting the prison population in half. Today, that would require the release of thousands of violent offenders back in our communities – currently 67% of the prison population is in for a violent offense. The Democrats are running a dangerous race to the left and are willing to put Wisconsin families at risk while they pander to their base.
“The Democrats’ dangerous race to the left has taken a reckless turn that will put Wisconsin communities at risk,” said Alec Zimmerman, spokesman for the Republican Party of Wisconsin. “The contrast between Gov. Walker and his opponents is clear. Gov. Walker adamantly supports keeping violent offenders behind bars for the full length of their sentence to keep our families, and communities, safe.”
Governor Walker’s opponents on cutting the prison population in half: 
  • Tony Evers: “Absolutely, that is a goal that is worth accomplishing.”
  • Kelda Roys: “By the end of my first term, we are going to have half the number of people incarcerated as we do today.”
  • Kathleen Vinehout: called halving the prison population an “absolutely doable statistic.”
  • Mike McCabe: “First of all, our goal should be to cut our prison population in half. And we can do that. It’s a realistic and achievable goal.”
The Democrats have a history of failing Wisconsin families. Check out previous examples from Tony EversMatt FlynnMahlon Mitchell, and Kelda Roys.
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