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[Madison, WI] — A recent report from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel shows that Matt Flynn has been lying to the voters of Wisconsin after it was revealed that he knew about the transfer and cover-up of sexual predators. Despite these revelations, almost all other Democrat candidates have failed to speak out against Flynn’s disqualifying record.
Check out the full recap of the story of Matt Flynn knowing about the transfer and cover-up of sexual predators here or read excerpts below.
Bice: Democratic candidate Matt Flynn’s statements on pedophile priests undermined by 1992 case
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
Dan Bice
August 8, 2018
Democratic gubernatorial candidate Matt Flynn has pleaded ignorance about the transfer of pedophile priests during his 15 years as lawyer for the Milwaukee Archdiocese. 
“I did not know about it,” Flynn said of priest reassignments on a video produced by his campaign. “I was not involved in it. I was not asked about it. I did not condone it.”
In an August 1992 letter, the Rev. R. Thomas Venne, vicar for clergy in the Milwaukee Archdiocese at the time, contacted Flynn about the transfer of Father Raymond Adamsky in response to allegations of abuse. Flynn worked for the archdiocese from 1989 to 2004.
“Bishop (Richard) Sklba suggested that I send a copy of the new assignment for Fr. Ray Adamsky for your records,” Venne wrote Flynn. “We hope this will be satisfactory to all involved.
“Thanks for meeting with us. It was good to have an update on everyone.”
So, at the very least, Flynn was aware of the reassignment of a priest with a long history of abuse, despite his claim that he had no knowledge of such moves. Adamsky was transferred 11 times during his work for the church. 
One of the seven other Democratic gubernatorial candidates — little-known political newcomer Josh Pade — joined Walker in urging Flynn to withdraw. The other six didn’t respond or refused to ask Flynn to get out.
“If proof that Flynn advised pedophile priests didn’t eat at their consciences, these documents certainly should,” Reisinger said.
Isely put the matter bluntly: “One can either believe what Weakland and Flynn now claim they did or did not do together, or you can read what they actually did (in court records) as it was happening in real time.”
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