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Walker meets grassroots at events in Eau Claire, Kewaunee, Sturgeon Bay
[Madison, WI] — Governor Scott Walker rallied grassroots conservatives in Eau Claire, Kewaunee, and Sturgeon Bay this weekend. Thanks to the reforms of Governor Scott Walker, Wisconsin is working and Republicans have a great story to tell ahead of the election in November.
Read highlights from the governor’s remarks in Eau Claire this weekend from the Leader-Telegram here, or find excerpts below.
Walker: ‘We’ve got a great story to tell’ 
Eau Claire Leader-Telegram
Samantha West
April 7, 2018
Following what many are calling a “blue wave” in Tuesday’s spring election in Wisconsin, Gov. Scott Walker said Democrats have an advantage as the November election approaches.
“Anger and hatred — that’s a pretty powerful motivator. They’re angry at the president, they’re angry at me, they’re angry at Republicans, they’re angry at just about anything that’s even closely related to Republicans,” Walker told a crowd Saturday in a lecture hall inside UW-Eau Claire’s Centennial Hall. “But today I’m here to tell you we need to match that — but not with anger, not with hatred. But two things … optimism and organization.”
To illustrate the progress, Walker discussed his work to decrease unemployment and stimulate the economy. Walker said it’s clear to see “Wisconsin is working” due to his efforts to cut taxes and freeze UW school tuition over the last six years.
“We’ve got a great and optimistic story to tell,” Walker told the crowd several times throughout his remarks.  
Walker recalled how when he was running for governor in 2010, the state unemployment rate sat at nearly 10 percent. He said he remembers himself and his wife, Tonette, like other parents across the state, fearing their children wouldn’t find careers or any jobs. 
Now, that’s no longer a concern for those in Wisconsin, he said, pointing to new data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics that reports Wisconsin’s unemployment rate as of February 2018 sits at 2.9 percent.
John Willock, a resident of Merrillan and the co-chairman of the Jackson County Republican Party, said he agreed with Walker’s remarks.
“He’s doing what’s right for the people,” he said. “He’s doing what’s right for Wisconsin.”
Read the full story here.
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