October 4, 2018
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Highlights Wisconsin comeback, talks lower taxes

[Madison, WI] — Wisconsin has experienced an economic comeback thanks to the bold reforms implemented by Governor Scott Walker. As a result, companies across the state are growing and creating more jobs. But the governor’s work isn’t done yet – just this week he announced plans to lower the tax burden on Wisconsinites even more. Tony Evers is a Madison bureaucrat who would end the state agency responsible for job creation and raise taxes. Wisconsin can’t afford his weak leadership.

See Wisconsin’s comeback in the news:

From the La Crosse Tribune: Walker’s plan calls for expanding the state’s Homestead Tax Credit, which is meant to blunt the impact of property taxes and rent for low-income seniors. “Our plan creates a tax credit that will help seniors stay in their homes,” Walker proclaimed in a new campaign TV ad to promote it. The plan builds on tax credit proposals Walker has offered in recent weeks to defray costs for college and child care.

From Fox 6: “The idea with the homestead tax credit is to try and offset, for seniors who may not have the means because of fixed incomes, to pay for property taxes,” said Walker…”We think that’s a stark contrast to our opposition, Tony Evers, whose plans in the past have talked about raising property taxes,” said Governor Walker.

From Fox 11: “That’s the exciting thing is that we continue to grow,” Ariens said. “We hit a milestone sooner than we did the last time, that means we’re sending snowblowers all over the world, and there’s a lot of people getting themselves out of a snowstorm.”

From The Milwaukee Business Journal: “We’re upgrading the equipment, we’re changing the flow of the plant so that we, in essence, can double our output,” he said. “The actual square footage we’re adding is relatively small, but with all the investment we’re making in the plant, we’re having a significant increase in our capacity.”

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