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Vukmir’s first TV ad of the cycle highlights threats against her for standing on principle
[Madison, WI] — In her first television advertisement of the election cycle, U.S. Senate candidate Leah Vukmir showed that she’ll stand up to the anger of the Left. Vukmir, Governor Walker, and Republican leaders held strong to their conservative principles despite facing death threats by liberals over the bold reforms they championed during the Act 10 protests.
Check out coverage of Vukmir’s new advertisement in the news:
From the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Republican U.S. Senate candidate Leah Vukmir is out with her first TV ad of the campaign Monday and it will sure gain some attention. Sitting at her kitchen table, with her handgun by her side, Vukmir discusses death threats she received during the acrimonious state debates, such as Act 10 legislation.
From the Associated Press:Vukmir and other Republican legislators were the target of massive protests in 2011 for backing GOP Gov. Scott Walker’s signature law that effectively ended collective bargaining for most public workers, including teachers, and forced them to pay more for their benefits. Vukmir frequently talks on the campaign trail about death threats she said she received during that time.
From NBC News: Leah Vukmir, a Wisconsin Republican competing for the party’s nomination to take on Sen. Tammy Baldwin, released her first TV ad this morning. In the :30 second spot, she is seen sitting at a kitchen table, holstered handgun next to her clasped hands, as she listens to and talks over phoned-in death threats.
From Wisconsin Public Radio: In this case, Grossman says the gun illustrates Vukmir’s strong stance on Republican values. “She’s saying she would stand strong, while being there with the gun is just reinforcing that message.”
From The Washington Times: She also touts her conservative record and support of Republican Gov. Scott Walker’s agenda. This is the first ad in the Republican primary race in Wisconsin and is set to run statewide. The winner will face Democratic incumbent Tammy Baldwin in the fall.
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