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Latest examples occurred after Governor, Legislature reaffirmed Evers’ ability to act
[Madison, WI] — The Republican Party of Wisconsin on Thursday launched a new TV ad targeting Democrat candidate for governor Tony Evers for his repeated failures to revoke the licenses of misbehaving teachers engaged in immoral conduct –  with the latest cases involving a teacher who asked a student to have sex in a closet and another who was caught with his pants down in the classroom. This follows a previous TV ad from the WISGOP highlighting Evers’ inaction on the case of a Middleton teacher caught spreading pornography at school and making inappropriate comments about the bodies of middle school girls.
“Tony Evers always had the authority to revoke licenses in these cases – but the latest revelations occurred after the Governor reinforced this authority in 2011 so there’s no debate that he repeatedly fails to keep kids safe in our schools,” said Alec Zimmerman, spokesman for the Republican Party of Wisconsin. “Faced with an overwhelming amount of evidence that these individuals were unfit to be in a classroom with students, Evers still abandoned our children and allowed them to remain licensed teachers. Evers is simply unfit to be governor.”
You can watch the ad, entitled “Unprotected,” here. The ad begins with a narrator saying:
Parents and school district officials asked Superintendent Tony Evers to revoke the license of teachers who preyed on our kids. 
One teacher shared pornographic images at school.
Another used Snapchat to ask her student to have sex in a storage closet. 
Yet another teacher was caught with his pants down in the classroom.
State Superintendent Tony Evers had the power to revoke their licenses, but he refused, leaving our kids unprotected. 
Get the facts on the ad here and learn more about Tony Evers at 
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