WisGOP: Launches radio ads against four Democrats running for governor in closing days of primary

Contact: Alec Zimmerman
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Ads highlight major flaws in the records of top remaining candidates   
[Madison, WI] — Today, the Republican Party of Wisconsin is launching four radio ads against the leading Democrat candidates for governor in the closing days of the primary, hitting each candidate in key media markets as they continue to engage in their dangerous race to the left. Upon the launch of the ads, the Republican Party of Wisconsin is releasing the following statement from Executive Director Mark Morgan:
“Whether it’s Tony Evers failing families, Matt Flynn bullying victims of sexual abuse, Mahlon Mitchell abusing his position, or Kelda Roys putting families in danger, Democrats are locked into a dangerous race to the left. Wisconsin voters can’t trust any one of these candidates to keep them safe or fight for their best interests.”
The ads will initially run in various markets statewide, targeting Democrat candidates for governor Tony Evers, Matt Flynn, Mahlon Mitchell, and Kelda Roys. Listen to the ads below:

“Failed,” On Tony Evers Failing Families: 
  • As Superintendent of Schools, Tony Evers sided with union bosses and failed to take the license of a teacher who was found to be spreading pornography at school and making inappropriate comments about the bodies of middle school girls – despite outcry from parents.
  • In a similar case from before he was an elected official, Evers signed off on a license revocation for a teacher watching pornography at school – showing Evers failed to consistently implement the law and that his excuses for inaction on previous cases ring hollow.
“Silent,” On Matt Flynn Bullying Victims of Abuse:
  • As a defense attorney, Flynn threatened to throw victims of sexual abuse “crumbs.”
  • A letter unveiled by the Republican Party of Wisconsin detailed how Flynn provided sexual predators with direct legal counsel.
  • Despite all of this, most of his fellow Democrat candidates for governor have failed to call on Flynn to drop out of the race.
“Abusing,” On Mahlon Mitchell Abusing His Position:
  • As a union boss, Mahlon Mitchell took a massive raise on the backs of hard-working Wisconsin firefighters.
  • Mitchell used his union’s political arm as his own political slush funded, donating to far-left candidates and causes. The union even gave Mitchell’s campaign $40,000 in 2012.
“Can’t Trust,” On Kelda Roys Putting Families in Danger: