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[Madison, WI] — Leah Vukmir is a proven conservative reformer who helped fight to make Wisconsin’s comeback possible. Now, she’s ready to take our Wisconsin way to Washington. Tammy Baldwin is a far-left radical who toes the party-line with Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, and the Washington swamp. Leah Vukmir will continue to fight for hard-working Wisconsin families, while Tammy Baldwin puts Washington ahead of them.
“Leah Vukmir is a proven conservative reformer who knows how to get things done. There’s nobody better to take our Wisconsin way to Washington than Leah,” said Mark Morgan, Executive Director for the Republican Party of Wisconsin. “From her support of higher taxes and opposition to stronger immigration laws, to her plan to end private health insurance for millions, Tammy Baldwin has shown that she’ll put her far-left Washington allies ahead of hard-working Wisconsin families. Time and again when given the opportunity to stand up for Wisconsin families she failed. Wisconsin deserves better.”
Leah Vukmir’s Wisconsin Way
  • The daughter of Greek immigrants, Leah Vukmir supports strengthening our border and will work to help President Trump build the wall.
  • As a nurse, Vukmir will fight to keep health care costs down and will always protect health insurance coverage for those with preexisting conditions.
  • Vukmir is a military mom – she supports a strong national defense, will support our veterans, and will keep Wisconsin safe.
Tammy Baldwin’s Washington Agenda
  • Baldwin failed Wisconsin families when she opposed President Trump’s efforts to secure the border. She even voted in support of sanctuary cities.
  • Baldwin supports a government takeover of health care that would end private insurance for millions of hard-working families.
  • Baldwin failed veterans at the Tomah VA, when she sat on an official government report detailing the overprescription of opioids to veterans. When she was caught, she engaged in a cover-up and tried to silence staff.
  • Baldwin voted in favor of higher taxes and fees more than 400 times.
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