[Madison, WI] — When Wisconsin picked Donald Trump, hard-working taxpayers won. President Trump and Republican leaders in Congress have passed historic tax cuts – something that wouldn’t have happened if Hillary Clinton was elected. Clinton’s tax proposals would have raised taxes, hurting the very businesses and families that Trump and Republicans have helped. Do Wisconsin Democrats still support Clinton’s higher taxes?
“Democrats running in Wisconsin can’t escape their ties to Clinton and her horrific record on taxes,” said Republican Party of Wisconsin spokesman Alec Zimmerman. “Whether they were working for her, endorsing her, or vouching for her honesty, Democrats are all deeply connected to Clinton’s attempt to raise taxes on hard-working Wisconsin families.”
Wisconsin Democrats Clinton Ties
  • Senator Tammy Baldwin called Hillary Clinton “honest” – showing her blind commitment to Clinton on their shared agenda, which includes raising taxes.
  • Liberal trial attorney Dana Wachs endorsed Clinton ahead of the primary and cast his super-delegate vote for her at the Democrat convention.
  • Josh Kaul is the former attorney for Hillary Clinton, and worked on the pointless Wisconsin Recount – refusing to accept the results that gave Wisconsin’s ten electoral votes to President Donald Trump.
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