WisGOP: Releases documents raising further questions about Mahlon Mitchell’s use of union funds

Contact: Alec Zimmerman
(608) 257-4765
Documents highlight payment to Executive Assistant, federal audit results, following previous slush fund accusations
[Madison, WI] — The Republican Party of Wisconsin is releasing new documents today that raise serious questions about how Democrat candidate for governor and union boss Mahlon Mitchel has misused the dues of firefighters as president of the Professional Fire Fighters of Wisconsin. Unearthed documents show a lawsuit settlement payout to Mahlon Mitchell’s former executive assistant, an insurance payment related to said settlement, and a fully redacted Department of Labor audit – all raising questions as to what sort of misconduct occurred under Mitchell’s watch. After previous reporting exposed how Mitchell ran the union as his own political piggybank, took massive raises, and failed to properly document travel expenses, these documents detail even more that Mitchell needs to explain about his work as president of PFFW.
“These newly released documents raise further questions about the misuse of firefighters’ union dues under Mitchell’s leadership,” said Mark Morgan, Executive Director for the Republican Party of Wisconsin. “Time and again Mitchell has shown that he put his own personal political ambitions ahead of his members, and would no doubt act the same way as governor. Mitchell must immediately explain the extent of the misconduct under his watch and come clean to the voters of Wisconsin.”
READ the PFFW report detailing a legal settlement with his assistant (page 28) and a payout from an insurance company covering it (page 21).
READ how the insurance that covered the claim advertises their coverage of settlements for wrongful dismissal, harassment claims, discrimination claims, retaliation, violation of civil rights, and more.
SEE the fully redacted audit that indicates Mitchell’s union may have committed various violations after a U.S. Department of Labor letter showed he failed to properly document spending on travel and other expenses.
Read more about Mitchell’s massive pay raise on the backs of firefighters here, and more about how he used the union as a slush fund and failed to properly document expenses here.