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WisGOP: Releases letter showing Bernie Sanders, other top Democrat surrogates calling plagiarism “troubling”
Sanders and Harris once signed a letter critical of plagiarism like Evers’ Budgets
[Madison, WI] — Top national Democrat surrogates are flocking to Wisconsin to campaign for the state’s Democrats, but what do they think about the newest plagiarism revelations plaguing Tony Evers’ campaign? Today, WISGOP is releasing a letter, signed by both Sen. Kamala Harris and Sen. Bernie Sanders, showing they were “troubled” by written answers a public official provided their committee they alleged to be plagiarized. With Bernie in Wisconsin today on the heels of new revelations showing seven instances over six years of Tony Evers plagiarizing his budget proposals, will he denounce Evers’ plagiarism as well?
“Tony Evers’ liberal Washington allies are quick to condemn plagiarism when it appeases the ‘resistance’ but are totally silent when it comes to the offenses of the liberal Madison bureaucrat they’re trying to elect,” said Alec Zimmerman, “Evers plagiarized seven sections of his budget proposals over six years – if these Democrats have any integrity, they’ll hold him accountable for both his plagiarized budgets and failure to address the matter honestly with Wisconsin voters.”
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