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(608) 257-4765
WisGOP: Releases more examples of Evers plagiarizing past budgets
Establishes pattern of at least seven instances of plagiarism over six years, debunking Evers’ claims that plagiarism only occurred in one budget
[Madison, WI] — Today, the Republican Party of Wisconsin revealed more instances of plagiarism from Tony Evers’ previous budget proposals, establishing a pattern of plagiarism that includes seven instances over the course of six years. On Friday, Evers tried to dismiss initial allegations on the debate stage saying that his plagiarism only involved the back pages of “budget,” and his spokesman referred to it as “this case,” both of which are contradicted by these latest revelations. Today’s newly uncovered examples include a section on high school dropouts that was copied verbatim in Evers’ 2013-15 budget proposal, and another plagiarized section on workforce that appeared not only in his 2019-21 budget, but also has been included in each of Evers’ budget proposals since 2015, in different ways – undercutting any possible explanation of a simple oversight error.
“Tony Evers repeatedly plagiarized the education budgets he authored over the course of six years — failing to meet a level of accountability a teacher would require from any 3rd grader,” said Alec Zimmerman, spokesman for the Republican Party of Wisconsin. “When you’re cheating on your schoolwork in Tony’s position, it’s called failed leadership.”
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