Contact: Alec Zimmerman
(608) 257-4765

[Madison, WI] — While Wisconsin’s Democrats in Congress have tried to block a massive tax cut for Wisconsin families, Democrats in the state Legislature are doing their part to increase the tax burden of the hard-working families of the state too. During a vote on Governor Walker’s tax relief plan for Wisconsin families, Senate Democrat Leader Jennifer Shilling said she would rather spend money on “anything else” other than giving it back to Wisconsin taxpayers.

“Thanks to Scott Walker and Republicans in the state Legislature, hard-working Wisconsin families are seeing real tax relief,” said Alec Zimmerman, spokesman for the Republican Party of Wisconsin. “Democrat leadership was clear with voters – they’d rather spend Wisconsinites hard-earned money on their desperate attempts to take Wisconsin backwards, instead of returning authority to our state’s taxpayers.”

Between now and Tax Day, the Republican Party of Wisconsin will focus on highlighting examples of Democrats picking high-tax policies over the hard-working families of our state.
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