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Evers misleads Wisconsin voters in last-ditch attempt to run from his own record of failed leadership
[Madison, WI] — Tony Evers lied to voters on his appearance on “UpFront with Mike Gousha” Sunday, desperately hoping Wisconsin voters will forget his long record of failed leadership and reckless tax increases as his campaign enters its final days. Evers repeated his lies about health care, taxes and his plagiarism scandal.
Evers’ lie about taxes:
“I’m planning on raising no taxes. … So somehow that he’s put me in this position of saying I’m going to tax, that’s crazy. I’ve never said it.”
The truth: There is a long paper trail – and plenty of video evidence – that directly contradicts Evers’ last minute claims that he won’t raise taxes. When pressed about this line previously, Evers’ spokesman walked back the claim. Evers has said “everything is on the table” and he has “no range” on how high the gas tax might go, he campaigned on a policy that would raise taxes on family farms and manufacturers, and he has long advocated for increasing property taxes. As always, Evers ended the UpFront interview by leaving the door open to tax increases.
Evers’ lie about health care:
“Well he’s been talking about it all right, but he’s been talking about it out of both sides of his mouth. He talks about it that he’s going to solve this problem, then he’s in federal court to get rid of the Affordable Care Act along with those protections for pre-existing conditions.”
The truth: Scott Walker worked across party lines to pass legislation to actually bring down the cost of health insurance and has committed to ensuring coverage for those with pre-existing conditions. This isn’t the first time Evers has lied about the issue of health care. Evers has lied about coverage for young people and lied about health care costs as well.
Evers’ lie about plagiarism:
“Well certainly it was a mess, a mistake. There weren’t citations on the back page of a large budget. We put those citations in there, and the people received the training so it doesn’t happen again.”
The truth: Evers plagiarized at least seven times over the course of four budgets, from sources as pathetic as Wikipedia. This was not an isolated incident, and it wasn’t simply an issue of an accidental omission. Evers’ refusal to accept responsibility for this scandal and failure to hold anyone accountable speaks volumes about Evers’ failed leadership.
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