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[Madison, WI]— As if it was not bad enough that Tony Evers was caught plagiarizing in his most recent budget, he then tried to downplay its importance by insisting it was only on the back pages of “a budget.” Subsequent reports have shown that Tony Evers plagiarized seven separate sections of his budget over six years.

Check out what they’re saying about Tony Evers’ plagiarism here:

From Fox News: Tony Evers, the state superintendent, submitted several budget requests throughout the years that did not give credit for multiple passages lifted verbatim from other sources, according to the Wisconsin Republican Party. The GOP released documents showing the alleged plagiarism Sunday, going as far back as 2012.

From The Daily Caller: According to documents released on Sunday, the GOP has found at least three other instances where Evers’ submitted plagiarized work. In one glaring example, the Democrat’s budget proposal contained a four-paragraph section that was nearly verbatim to a national policy group — the only difference was that Evers’ submission changed the word “students” to “pupils.” Additionally, Evers’ most recent budget proposal included a passage that taken verbatim from previous work and was not properly cited.

From The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: State schools Superintendent Tony Evers’ plagiarism problem is getting worse. Republicans released records Sunday that document three more occasions in which Evers submitted budget requests dating to 2012 that lifted passages nearly word-for-word from other sources without credit. In one instance, Evers’ education budget plan contains a four-paragraph section that matches the language of a study by a national policy group with the only difference being that his education plan uses “pupils” instead of “students.” They also found that an uncredited passage in Evers’ most recent budget plan was also used — verbatim and without citation — by his office twice previously.

From WSAU: State schools Superintendent Tony Evers is facing accusations of plagiarism in recent budget requests. Republicans released records Sunday that documented three more instances in which Evers submitted budget requests with passages of text taken nearly word-for-word from other sources without giving proper credit.

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