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Defends ex-secretary who advocated for illegal destruction of public records
[Madison, WI] — On Friday, discredited ex-Department of Corrections Secretary Ed Wall launched a series of false personal attacks against the governor. Wall, who endorsed Tony Evers, advocated for the destruction of public records and was fired. Yet despite Wall’s disgraceful separation that was supported by a Dane County Judge and the Wisconsin Employment Relations Commission, Evers is doubling down on his support of Wall in a recent interview.
“Ed Wall is a discredited former employee who was fired for trying to destroy public records – yet Tony Evers has not only doubled down on his support for Wall, he has no issues using him as a character witness” said Alec Zimmerman spokesman for the Republican Party of Wisconsin. “Evers’ continued support for Wall despite his shameful behavior is just one more example in Evers’ long record of standing behind those who have violated the public’s trust instead of standing up for Wisconsin families.”
Ed Wall is a Discredited Former Employee Who Encouraged the Destruction of Public Records:
  • Wall resigned from DOC as the investigation into his agency was taken over by the FBI.
  • Wall returned to his previous position at the Department of Justice but was quickly demoted and placed on leave.
  • Wall sent a letter to the home of Walker’s then-Chief-of-Staff Rich Zipperer, trying to get his old job back.
  • Wall circumvented open records laws by sending a letter to Zipperer’s house asking for his job back. The letter included a note asking Zipperer to shred Wall’s letter after reading it.
  • Wall knew he was breaking the law. In the letter sent to Zipperer’s home, Wall asked Zipperer to shred the letter after reading it because of the “records issue.” Because of this he was fired by Attorney General Schimel.
  • Schimel’s firing of Wall was upheld by the Wisconsin Employment Relations Commission and a Dane County judge.
  • While claiming that he was told not to create public records, Wall in fact made a clear written statement that he had “never been instructed” anything of the kind.
  • After all of this, in attempt to stick it to his old boss, Wall shot a campaign ad for the Democratic frontrunner for Governor.
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