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Claims that he led law change are overblown and lack proof
[Madison, WI] — Tony Evers has offered nothing but bureaucratic excuses and false arguments in response to widespread criticism by parents, school districts, Governor Walker, and others of his failure to revoke the licenses of teachers who preyed on children. He has falsely claimed that he couldn’t act because the law wouldn’t let him, and then falsely claimed that he “fixed” the problem. However, his claims lack proof.
“As has become all too common with Tony Evers, when children were left in danger and he was in a position to act, he failed to and was nowhere to be seen” said Mark Morgan, Executive Director of the Republican party of Wisconsin. “Not only did Evers repeatedly fail to revoke the license of a teacher caught spreading pornography in the classroom, despite having the authority, but when it came time for Republican legislators to fix the issue Evers couldn’t be bothered to even show up to testify. Evers’ excuses for failing to protect our kids continues to grow – he simply can’t be trusted”
Tony Evers’ taking credit is incredibly misleading:
  • After Evers chose not to revoke the license of a Middleton teacher found commenting on the bodies of middle school girls and spreading pornography in the classroom, the state legislature was forced to intervene and change the statute to reinforce his authority and prevent him from failing to act again.
  • This Republican-led initiative that Evers and Democrats later supported had zero Democrat cosponsors.
  • Tony Evers himself did not demonstrate that this was even a priority of his. His agency registered in favor of the bill and testified in a perfunctory way, but Evers himself didn’t testify as he has on other legislative priorities.
    • Evers himself has appeared at hearings numerous times previously for his actual legislative priorities, appearing in front of the legislature on:
      • 2009 SB 437 & 2009 AB 534 that authorized the state superintendent of public instruction to direct school districts to implement new curriculum.
      • 2009 SB 371 & 2009 AB 536 that authorized various education agencies to study each other’s programs.
  • In addition to legislative proceedings, there also is not evidence of Tony Evers meaningfully using his bully pulpit in his role of Superintendent of Schools to force public conversation of the issue.
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