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WisGOP: Walker cuts taxes – Evers wants to raise them
Walker releases an ad highlighting new tax relief while Tony Evers leaves massive tax hikes “on the table”
[Madison, WI] — Monday, Governor Scott Walker released an ad highlighting his proposal to increase the Homestead Tax Credit by 50%, which would help more seniors to stay in their homes. In sharp contrast to Walker’s latest proposal, Tony Evers has made clear that he plans to increase taxes on hard-working families, farmers, and seniors.
“The difference between Governor Walker and Tony Evers could not be more evident – Walker wants to cut your taxes while Evers wants to raise them,” said Alec Zimmerman spokesman for the Republican Party of Wisconsin. “The governor has delivered over $8 billion in tax relief since he was first elected. Meanwhile, Evers has made clear he plans raise taxes and has even said that a $1 increase in the gas tax is ‘on the table.’ Walker’s commitment to lower taxes will keep moving Wisconsin forward – we can’t afford the backward policies of Madison bureaucrat Tony Evers.”
Scott Walker’s Record on Taxes
  • Scott Walker has delivered over $8 billion in tax relief since first elected.
  • Just this week, Scott Walker proposed a 50% increase in the Homestead Tax Credit allowing more seniors to stay in their homes.
  • Walker has cut property taxes, income taxes across the board, and he even eliminated an entire tax.
Tony Evers’ Record on Taxes
  • Tony Evers’ plans would raise property taxes, income taxes, and the gas tax.
  • Tony Evers refuses to say how much he would raise taxes instead saying, “everything is on the table,” including a $1 gas tax increase.
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