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[Madison, WI] — Governor Scott Walker is fighting for hard-working Wisconsin families. Thanks to the governor’s reforms, Wisconsin taxpayers are winning and keeping more of what they earn.

Check out what they’re saying about new tax relief thanks to Governor Walker and Wisconsin Republicans:

From Fox 6 News: Governor Scott Walker says most Wisconsin families with children at home will be getting money from the state by the end of July under a child tax rebate he signed into law on Tuesday, April 17. The measure also includes a sales tax holiday, which the governor expanded to exempt certain items from the state’s 5 percent sales tax during the first five days in August.

From the Associated Press: The sales tax will be waived on pieces of clothing costing less than $75, a computer costing less than $750, computer supplies costing less than $250 and school supplies costing no more than $75 per item.

From WQOW: Families will be able to sign up for the $100 tax rebate as long as their child was under the age of 18 for all of 2017. The sales tax holiday will run August 1-5, and can be used on school supplies, computer supplies and clothes. “We have a larger than expected surplus, so what I’ve always said in the past is we’ll send money back to the hard working tax payers anytime there’s more money than we expected in the surplus. It’s your money that’s ultimately not the governments money,” Walker said.

From WFRV: As far as the August back-to-school sales tax holiday is concerned, state sales tax will not be charged on school supplies where each item is $75 or less, clothing where each item is $75 or less, computers where each item is $750 or less, and computer supplies where each item is $250 or less.

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