Contact: Alec Zimmerman
(608) 257-4765
[Madison, WI] — As America faces crucial foreign policy decisions in North Korea and Syria, Democrats are threatening to obstruct the president’s pick for Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo. After spending 2017 playing political games with President Trump’s cabinet nominees, will Senator Baldwin continue her games as America’s safety and security hang in the balance – or will she hold her liberal allies accountable for picking party over country?
“Mike Pompeo is highly qualified to serve as Secretary of State, a role that must be filled at this pivotal moment in American history,” said Alec Zimmerman, spokesman for the Republican Party of Wisconsin. “Senator Baldwin and her Democrat allies have shown time and again they’d rather oppose the president at all costs than do what is right for the country. Will they continue to pick party over country by playing games with the Pompeo nomination?”
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