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Incredibly unpopular, Pelosi comes to Wisconsin to Raise Money for Democrats
[Madison, WI] — Today and tomorrow, Nancy Pelosi is in Wisconsin for fundraisers in Milwaukee – though it remains to be seen which Democrats will welcome her with open arms and which ones will run and hide. Pelosi is one of the least popular political figures in the country – she’s so toxic even Democrats are starting to pull support from her. Wisconsin voters deserve to know, will Democrats give Pelosi a warm welcome this weekend?
“Despite Wisconsin Democrats best efforts there is no way to avoid Nancy Pelosi this weekend as she visits the state to raise cash for her fellow Democrats” said Alec Zimmerman, spokesman for the Republican Party of Wisconsin. “Democrats running for Congress need to answer if they support Pelosi’s radical agenda like undoing record tax relief for hard-working families or restricting second amendment freedoms.”
Wisconsin Democrats weighed down by Pelosi:
Tammy Baldwin
  • Baldwin played an integral role in helping elect Nancy Pelosi to leadership – she even bragged about whipping votes to help support her bid.
  • She sees Pelosi as one of her early teachers, saying that she learned from “The Pro” – referring to Pelosi.
Dan Kohl
  • Dan Kohl decided he can’t support Pelosi, like many other Democrats – so what’s her response? She recently told reporters, “When I’m not in the Capitol … I’m raising money to elect those very people.”
  • If Kohl really isn’t supporting Pelosi, will he commit to refusing funds from the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee she’s fundraising for this weekend in Milwaukee?
Randy Bryce
  • Largely silent on anything Pelosi-related is Randy Bryce. Will Bryce sign on to support Pelosi’s toxic leadership campaign, or will he duck for cover this weekend?
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