Contact:  Bob Wittke  (602) 741-1764

RUSD Board President looks to win northern Racine County legislative seat

Wind Point….Bob Wittke is announcing his candidacy for the 62nd Assembly District in northern Racine County. Wittke is a lifelong Racine area resident who is currently the school board president of the Racine Unified School District (RUSD).

“These are exciting times for Racine County; we now need to deliver on the promise of jobs, which is my number one priority,” said Wittke. “I want serve the area by helping shape good policy that will have a positive impact on future generations in Wisconsin.”

Wittke is a tax and finance professional with more than 25 years of industry experience. He looks to promote fiscal responsibility at the state level. He was elected to the RUSD school board in 2016 and now serves as the board president of the 5th largest school district in the state. Wittke is a product of RUSD himself, graduating from William Horlick High School. He and his wife reside in the district with two of his children that currently attend RUSD schools.  His older two children are pursuing careers after graduating from RUSD and the Wisconsin university system.

“We have the responsibility to provide our child the opportunity to take their talents to another level,” said Wittke. “I believe we must continue to find better ways to invest in our schools in order to deliver results and build the workforce of the future.”

Wittke enjoys giving back to his community and being involved with today’s youth. He used his experience as a former basketball player at University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire to accept an opportunity as volunteer coach for the Case High School boys varsity basketball program, working with an outstanding group of young men for two seasons. He learned first hand about being committed to public service from his father who worked for the Caledonia Highway Department for roughly 40 years.  Wittke looks to emulate his father’s work ethic, dedication to quality, and respect for others in serving the constituents of the 62nd District.

“I want our children to have an even better state to grow up in. That means we must provide a stable economy, career opportunities, and wonderful recreational activities. I’m excited to run for this Assembly District seat and would be honored to serve Racine County in this capacity,” said Wittke.

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