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MADISON – WMC Issues Mobilization Council filed a complaint with the Wisconsin Judicial Commission on Tuesday after Circuit Court Judge Rebecca Dallet’s campaign managed to lie to Wisconsinites three times in the span of a short 30-second advertisement.

In a video ad paid for by Dallet for Justice – Judge Dallet’s campaign committee – three claims are made by Milwaukee County Deputy District Attorney Patrick Kenney and Judge Dallet that are patently and unethically false.

LIE #1

“Michael Screnock’s ads are false.”

Deputy District Attorney Kenney claims an ad paid for and authorized by WMC IMC is actually from Judge Michael Screnock. WMC IMC is not affiliated with any candidate or candidates committee and does not engage in express advocacy related to elections. Judge Dallet has misrepresented WMC IMC’s advertisement as that of Judge Michael Screnock, her opponent.

LIE #2

“I was the prosecutor in the case they are lying about.”

Deputy District Attorney Kenney claims the content of WMC IMC’s ad is false. WMC IMC’s ad is 100% true. The advertisement pulled every piece of information from public records, which are documented and verifiable.

LIE #3

“These attack ads are lying.”

Judge Dallet claims WMC IMC’s ads are lying about her record as a judge. Once again, her accusations are 100% false. Every single statement made in WMC IMC’s ad is 100% true. Judge Dallet could have given 20 years in prison to a criminal who sexually assaulted children, instead she gave him only two years. That criminal is, thankfully, once again behind bars after failing to meet with his probation officer and failing to report his whereabouts, as legally required as a sex offender.

WMC IMC’s complaint against Judge Dallet explains that she, “knowingly and falsely accuses her opponent of running an advertisement, and then knowingly and falsely accuses that advertisement of being false and has a Deputy District Attorney re-iterate the same claim. Judge Rebecca Dallet’s knowingly false and misleading ad is a violation of the Code of Judicial Conduct.”

The full complaint was filed with the Wisconsin Judicial Commission on Tuesday and can be seen here:

WMC Issues Mobilization Council Judicial Commission Complaint

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