Gov. Scott Walker’s latest TV ad features a woman who warns her family “can’t afford Tony Evers’ higher taxes.”

Walker’s ad, the 29th of his re-election bid, will run statewide on TV and a range of online platforms, his campaign said.

It features a woman the campaign only identified as Erin. She says her family is “always juggling to make it all work.”

She adds when she’s not working with her husband at their automotive shop, she’s driving the kids to school, 4-H, theater practice and sports. The ad shows her driving a minivan with the logo for Merlin Auto Repair and Maintenance on the side.

“So when gas prices go up, we really feel it,” she says.

Erin then says she’s bothered Evers is “going to raise the gas tax by up to a dollar a gallon” and hike income and property taxes, too.

“Our family can’t afford Tony Evers’ higher taxes. We really can’t,” she says to close the spot.

It is the latest in a series of ads from Walker accusing Evers of wanting to raise the gas tax by up to a dollar. His Dem rival has said while “everything is on the table” to address transportation funding, that much of an increase isn’t under consideration.

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