Contact: Sarah Pearson
Co-Founder & Co-Chair, Women’s March WI
[email protected]

Voters in Kenosha County were confronted with a strong anti-choice display on their way to polls at St. Anne Catholic Church in Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin. Hundreds of white crosses and signs that read “Abortion will kill 2,760 babies today in the U.S.” were posted outside the church. The website of the organization Pro-Life Wisconsin was printed on the signs.

Pro-life Wisconsin opposes abortion at any stage of pregnancy, even when the mother’s life is in danger or in pregnancies resulting from rape. The organization has published a list of candidates who have returned surveys that indicated they had met 100% of the group’s pro-life agenda. Among the candidates on the list were Republican candidate for U.S. Senate Leah Vukmir and Constitution Party candidate for State Assembly District 64 Thomas Harland. Harland is running against Representative Peter Barca (D) in a race absent a Republican candidate.

Wisconsin Elections Commission prohibits electioneering within 100 feet of polling locations. Women’s March Wisconsin contacted Kenosha County Clerk Mary Kubiki who confirmed the church was asked to take down the signs, but refused citing “freedom of speech.”

Strong anti-choice and partisan messaging has no place outside of a polling location, and women should not be confronted with signage promoting an organization with an anti-woman agenda on their way to exercise their right to vote. The democratic process only works when we respect it. Whoever put up this display clearly does not.

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