Following release of documents proving Flynn enable child sex offenders


Tonight Women’s March WI approached Matt Flynn at the Wisconsin Gubernatorial Candidate Education Forum and asked him to explain his involvement in the transfer and coverup of pedophile priests to other parishes. In this particular incident, Pearson questioned him regarding how a priest, Father Arimond, was given $25,000 to voluntarily resign and later went on to receive a license from the state of Wisconsin to be a professional counselor and continued to work with children. Sexual violence is a political issue and DEMANDS a political response. More on the story below photos.

Women’s March WI will continue to fight to elect a People’s Champion. That is someone who can be trusted to protect children from abusers. Matt Flynn is not that person.

Matt Flynn Enabled Child Sex Offenders

In 2014, the U.S. Federal Court in Milwaukee, as part of fraud bankruptcy action against the Archdiocese of Milwaukee for transferring and concealing child sex offender clergy, ordered the release of 60,000 pages of previously secret internal church files. From approximately 1989 to 2004, Matt Flynn was the chief lawyer for the archdiocese.

Documents show that Flynn – during his entire tenure with the archdiocese – directed and knew of these secret transfers of dozens of child molesting clergy, many of which went on to abuse more children.

Flynn routinely did not forward evidence of widespread child sex abuse by clergy to law enforcement or make public notification to parishes and schools. Flynn also orchestrated a system of secret payouts to pedophile clergy to leave their employment with the archdiocese without forwarding their criminal histories to the police, assisting them to secretly resettle into new communities and jobs, including working with children.

One of these priests was Father James Arimond. Arimond worked as a pastor and youth counselor in churches in Burlington, Powers Lake, Milwaukee, Greendale and Cudahy. In the early 1990s Arimond already had reports of child sex abuse when he was arrested in Cudahy for sexually assaulting a 13-year-old boy. Arimond, according to the child, over about a two-year period, had assaulted him on 25 different occasions. Arimond pleaded guilty and served a very short jail time. Released back to the archdiocese further reports of child abuse began to surface. In 1994 Flynn devised a scheme to let Arimond leave the priesthood with a $25,000 incentive bonus. The check was issued to the pedophile priest by Flynn’s law firm, Quarles and Brady. Some months later, Arimond was issued another check through Flynn for $12,500. Arimond told the Archdiocese as he was leaving that he intended to become a counselor with children and families. Arimond then obtained a professional counseling license for the State of Wisconsin. When his case was investigated by a journalist years later he was found in practice at a Racine mental health clinic that works with children. Files show that Flynn facilitated these payments in several cases.

See the documents:

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