August 6, 2018

Sarah Pearson, Co-Chair
Women’s March WI

Violet Kilmurray, Co-Chair
Women’s March WI

Women’s March Wisconsin is proud to endorse Earnell Lucas for Milwaukee County Sheriff. As a 25-year veteran of the Milwaukee Police Department currently serving as Major League Baseball’s Chief Liaison of Security & Investigations, we have confidence that Earnell Lucas is the most qualified candidate to lead the Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Office.

Earnell Lucas supports prompt, high-quality healthcare services for any individual detained in Milwaukee County Jail. He will reject 287g, legislation that would allow ICE to deputize local staff to enforce President Trump’s federal immigration laws. Lucas has pledged to implement training in the department to reduce implicit bias and will vigorously support efforts to ensure there is no conflict of interest in any outside investigation of use of force within the department.

The Milwaukee County Sheriff’s race is absolutely crucial, and the results will impact several areas of our activism including immigration rights, racial justice, domestic violence, and gun violence. We know that it is imperative that voters in Milwaukee County come out on August 14th to elect Earnell Lucas, a sheriff that will restore integrity and professionalism to the department.

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