Women’s March Wisconsin: Endorses Sarah Godlewski

Sarah Pearson, Co-Chair
Women’s March WI

Violet Kilmurray, Co-Chair
Women’s March WI

Women’s March Wisconsin is proud to endorse Sarah Godlewski in the race for State Treasurer. We are confident that she will restore the office of State Treasurer to be the originally-intended, independent fiscal check on state government.

As State Treasurer, Sarah Godlewski will provide greater transparency and accountability to school finance. She will advocate for the financial health of all Wisconsinites – including women, people of color, people with disabilities, Native, immigrant, Muslim, lesbian, queer, trans, nonbinary, formerly incarcerated and poor people – which includes working to reduce the risk of medical debt, supporting policies related to living wages and paid family leave. Through conservation and greater investment in our state’s renewable energy future, she will ensure Wisconsin does its part in slowing the impact of climate change.

We believe it’s time our state has a fiscal watchdog who will ensure our tax dollars are protected from corruption and spent wisely. Sarah Godlewski has fought for the economic empowerment of every Wisconsinite for years and we are proud to endorse her campaign for State Treasurer.