Peter Isely
Founding Member and former Midwest Director of SNAP
(The Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests)

Sarah Pearson
State Co-Chair
Women’s March Wisconsin

Lindsay Lemmer
Madison chapter of the National Organization for Women
Wisconsin chapter of the National Organization for Women

Linda Kessel
Actions & Events Organizer
Indivisible Madison

Yesterday afternoon, the Flynn campaign released a fundraising email asking for donations to “help Matt battle the disinformation campaign.”

Information is plentiful and undeniable. We now have over 10,000 pages of formerly secret church files covering the entire period in which Matt Flynn was chief lawyer to the Archdiocese of Milwaukee. In the files, Flynn’s legal strategy of covering for sex offender clergy is well-documented.

In the case of Father Michael Neuberger, a serial child molester who targeted African American children saying, “I didn’t do white kids,” not one church official, from Milwaukee to the Vatican, doubted that Neuberger was a child molester. Neuberger himself admitted it to them in a psychologist’s report that was initiated by a “crisis team” that included Matt Flynn.

Neuberger served no prison time.
He was provided “compensation equivalent to that of a retired priest.
He was not fully restricted from ministry until 2010.

Flynn, as he keeps telling us, was not Neuberger’s defense lawyer. No one has ever said he was. It’s worse than that. Flynn was the legal strategist and defense lawyer for the people covering up for Neuberger, the ones who allowed Neuberger and other child-molesting clerics to have continued access to children. As one of Neuberger’s African American victims told the archdiocese, his poor, inner city congregation where the archdiocese had dumped Neuberger was a “candy store” for Neuberger.

We have demanded that Matt Flynn drop out of the governor’s race because we need a true advocate for survivors of sexual assault. Matt Flynn is not that person.

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