Statement on SD1 victory tonight for Caleb Frostman:

“It’s time for Scott Walker to ring the alarm bell once again. With Caleb Frostman’s win tonight in SD-1, Democrats are within striking distance of taking over the State Senate. Scott Walker’s unpopularity is powering Democratic wins across the state, from Patty Schachtner’s win in SD 10 to Rebecca Dallet’s election over a Koch brothers-funded candidate for state Supreme Court. We win when working people know the candidates are on our side, and when we are inspired to get out and do the work to elect champions that will fight for all of us — not just the wealthy and well-connected few. Like Paul Ryan who got run out of town by Randy Bryce on the heels of his tax giveaway to Wall Street and the richest Americans, Walker knows he’s next. That’s why Wisconsin Working Families Party recruited Randy Bryce — the #Ironstache— to repeal and replace Paul Ryan, and why we are organizing alongside Our Wisconsin Revolution through Wisconsin’s Choice to elect a People’s Champion who can take on the Scott Walker agenda and win.” – Rebecca Lynch, Political Director, Wisconsin Working Families Party

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