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Waukesha, WI – The Young Republicans of Waukesha County (Waukesha Young Republicans or Waukesha YRs) held a meeting Saturday August 11th to consider endorsements of Republican candidates for office in eligible districts across Waukesha County.  The Waukesha Young Republican membership considered three contested primaries as well many of the candidates and incumbents for uncontested legislative seats. After providing an opportunity for candidates to address the group directly or provide statements on their behalf, the membership cast a balloted vote that reached a 2/3 majority threshold in support of the follow candidates.

The Waukesha YRs are proud to endorse in the August 14th Primary:

Bryan Steil for the 1st Congressional District

Jim Sensenbrenner for the 5th Congressional District

Robin Moore for the 14th Assembly District

The Waukesha YRs are proud to endorse for State Assembly November 6th:

Cody Horlacher (R-33)
Scott Allen (R-97)                               Janel Brandtjen (R-22)

Adam Neylon (R-98)
Rob Hutton (R-13)                              Cindy Duchow (R-99)

Joe Sanfelippo (R-15)
Dan Knodl (R-24)                                Mike Kuglitsch (R-84)

Barb Dittrich (Candidate for the 38th)           Chuck Wichgers (R-83)

The Waukesha YRs are proud to endorse for State Senate November 6th:

Chris Kapenga (R-33)                                         Dale Kooyenga (Candidate for the 5th)

Steve Nass (R-11)                                               Scott Fitzgerald (R-13)

Upon the conclusion of the meeting, Waukesha YR Chairman Nik Rettinger issued the following statement: “The Waukesha Young Republicans have been hard at the work the past few months doing everything possible including parades, doors, calls, and events to highlight our party’s results and conservative ideals to voters and to get our great team of candidates elected. Today, our membership voted to take the next step in directly supporting those candidates they believe to be the best advocates for conservatism and keeping Wisconsin moving forward. The Waukesha YRs are proud of the incredible comeback Wisconsin has seen giving our generation the opportunity for success instead of dependence on government to just get by. We intend to keep growing our movement as millennials continue to leave the failed agenda of the Democrat Party and keep pushing to victory this November.”

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