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“Working together to find common sense solutions”

Madison– Following Governor Evers’ inaugural state of the state address at the State Capitol in Madison Tuesday evening, Rep Jodi Emerson (D-Eau Claire)  released the following statement in response:

“When Governor Evers took the oath of office just a few weeks ago, he said it was time to get to work. He made it clear that his number one priority was to find common ground so that we can make our state work for everyone.

On issues ranging from education to health care to the environment to our state’s infrastructure needs, members of both political parties in Wisconsin need to do just that. The governor is committed to finding ways to help this state’s citizens on multiple fronts, and he is keenly aware of the many challenges we face.

Having a Governor who is well versed in the challenges facing our education system gives me hope that we can find solutions that work for Wisconsin’s children. As Governor Evers said in his speech tonight what’s good for Wisconsin’s children is good for Wisconsin.”

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