Madison, WI- On his second day in office as Wisconsin’s new leader, Gov. Evers introduced two Executive Orders focused on improving the health and wellbeing of Wisconsinites. “It’s refreshing,” says Bobby Peterson, Public Interest Attorney at ABC for Health. “This Governor has signaled a new direction for protecting Wisconsin consumers with health care and coverage concerns.” Peterson continues, “As the voters showed in November, expanding opportunities for health coverage is a top priority for people across our state. With an emphasis on improving access to health care and coverage, fostering innovation, and reducing health disparities, the priorities extolled in the Executive Orders reflect an intent to protect the best interests of all people of Wisconsin.”

The Executive Orders signaled a change in direction from the past administration. “Change is needed to promote improved access to health care and coverage and away from past policies that fragmented systems and increased the number of uninsured adults, children, and families that increased medical debt and uncompensated hospital care to the tune of over a billion dollars in 2017And we all pay for that in the form of increased costs,” says Peterson.

Peterson concludes, “The tide is turning and we have renewed hope that the Evers Administration will foster new ideas and policies that promote equity and access to comprehensive health care and coverage that help reduce health disparities in Wisconsin and promote the health and wellbeing of family and loved ones.”

Celebrating 25 years in 2019, ABC for Health, Inc., is a Wisconsin-based, nonprofit, public interest law firm dedicated to linking children and families, particularly those with special health care needs, to health care benefits and services. ABC for Health’s mission is to provide information, advocacy tools, legal services, and expert support needed to obtain, maintain, and finance health care coverage and services.     

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