”The extraordinary session legislation has proven to be an unmitigated disaster.

“Beginning in February, the Department of Justice began trying to work with Rep. Nygren and Sen. Darling to set up a process for the review of proposed case resolutions. But, in stark contrast with the haste with which Republicans in the legislature passed the extraordinary session legislation, there has been delay after delay from the Joint Finance Committee when it comes to setting up a workable review process and reviewing proposed resolutions. Although it’s now September, JFC still hasn’t figured out a way to ensure that confidential information will remain confidential.

“Republicans in the legislature gave themselves power over certain case resolutions last December, and JFC needs to take on the responsibility that comes with that authority—the responsibility of maintaining confidentiality so the interests of Wisconsin taxpayers aren’t undermined. If the members of JFC aren’t willing to do that, the legislature should repeal the parts of the extraordinary session law that relate to case resolutions. It’s time for the Republicans in the legislature to clean up the mess they made with the extraordinary session legislation.”

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