MADISON, Wis. (March 1, 2019) – The American Heart Association applauds Governor Tony Evers for including funds for water filling stations in schools in his budget proposal. The American Heart Association advocates for clean and safe water, which is critical to a child’s overall health, to be easily accessible to all children.

The benefits of drinking water include:
 Supporting a child’s muscles, joints and tissues, while keeping their growing bodies
 Positively impacting a child’s cognitive performance, particularly short-term memory
 Improving a child’s fine motor skills and visual attention, which helps with activities like
 Maintaining a healthier weight

However, fewer than one-third of children and teens drink enough water a day. The
recommended amount of water a child should drink ranges from seven to 10 cups a day,
depending on the child’s age and gender.

“More than 28% of Wisconsin’s high schoolers are obese or overweight, which can lead to a lifetime of chronic health problems, including cardiovascular disease and stroke,” said Dr.
Sarang Baman, the Chair of the Wisconsin Advocacy Committee at the American Heart
Association. “With funds to put water filling stations in schools, more students will be
encouraged to drink the station’s cold, clean water every day. We support Governor Evers’
budget proposal and look forward to working with state lawmakers on this issue during the
budget process.”

For media inquiries:
Krystal Webb, Communications Director

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