The Senate today approved a bill that would set standards and fees for wireless providers when they seek to install 5G infrastructure after Dem Sen. Tim Carpenter temporarily blocked a final vote on the measure.

The Milwaukee Dem brought forward a number of amendments to the bill, ranging from a measure that would require a study committee to research health impacts stemming from increased transmissions to a proposal he said would allow for more input for the siting of these locations. But the body rejected each one in turn.

Carpenter and fellow Milwaukee Dem Lena Taylor slammed the timeframe in which the bill had been taken up. They noted the public hearing on the measure only took place last Wednesday and charged that the body had not been given enough time to adequately consider the measures.

“At the very least, let’s slow our roll so people can get adequate information,” she said.

Carpenter objected to unanimous consent for a third reading of the bill, after which the body would have voted on the measure.

The Senate then recessed and Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald called Republicans into caucus to decide how to proceed. When the body readjourned roughly an hour-and-a-half later, Carpenter dropped his objection and the bill passed 27-5.

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