Last night, Jason joined Arkansas Senator and fellow veteran Tom Cotton on Fox News Channel’s The Story with Martha MacCallum to talk about withdrawing troops from Afghanistan. As a double-amputee and Afghanistan war veteran, no one is better poised to help advise and support President Trump’s foreign policy decisions than Jason Church. Sending veterans like Jason to Congress is the best way to help defend and protect America’s place in the world. And the best way to ensure President Trump has allies in Congress who will support his decisions. No one will better represent Wisconsinites in Washington.

“I think we need to support the president’s decision to drawdown troops because we really need to start putting the onus on the Afghans to actually start policing themselves…I think the president here is trying to make a strategic pivot toward Asia. Obviously, we as Americans have limited time, limited resources, and limited soldiers. And for us to be able to allocate that over to a rising threat in China is huge,” said Jason Church to Martha MacCallum.

“Jason knows what it’s like to fight on the front lines in Afghanistan. The Taliban may have taken his legs, but they can’t take his heart, they can’t take his fighting spirit. He has a heart for service and we need reinforcements like Jason in Washington,” said Senator Cotton to Martha MacCallum.

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