(Hudson, WI) – Last night both Republican candidates in the race for Wisconsin’s Seventh Congressional District took the stage at the No Better Friend Corp. debate. They were questioned on the sanctity of life, healthcare, the economy, education, and national security.

Jason Church proved that he is not a career politician or beholden to special interests in Madison, Milwaukee, or Washington, D.C. and is a true outsider. WAOW quoted Church’s opening statement where he reaffirmed his sense of duty to his country, “When I came back to Wisconsin, I realized something. That even though the Taliban took my legs, America’s enemy’s (sic) did not extinguish my desire to serve,” Church said.

“I have seen the effects of socialism around the world,” Jason Church said during the debate. “I went with my church down to Cuba. We have to fight back every day against this. President Trump is facing a tough battle against the likes of AOC, Omar, Bernie, and Elizabeth Warren. I will fight with him against these crazy socialist proposals.”

The Wausau Daily Herald also pointed to Mr. Church’s experiences with the VA when discussing socialism: “The American health care system is broke, but socialized medicine won’t fix the issues, which Church said he has seen first-hand through the Veterans Affairs program.”

Standing with President Trump is important to Jason Church. In Wisconsin Public Radio’s coverage of the debate, they quoted Mr. Church as saying of the President, “He’s willing to throw a couple grenades into the swamp. He wants to pick a fight. And he needs someone willing to pick a fight with him.”

Jason Church is an outsider that the people of Northern Wisconsin can count on to fight for them. Others around the nation have recognized this, especially veterans in Congress like Senator Tom Cotton, Senator Joni Ernst, Representative Dan Crenshaw, and Representative Brian Mast, who all endorsed Mr. Church.

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