Republican Jason Church, an aide to U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson who lost both legs while serving in Afghanistan, says in the first TV ad of his campaign that he’s running for Congress “to answer the call of duty.”

Church’s campaign said it’s a five-figure buy on cable in each media market in the sprawling 7th CD. The buy is solely focused on Fox News.

The 60-second spot is a condensed version of Church’s rollout video. He recounts being on a routine patrol in 2012 when an IED exploded and he awoke to both legs amputated. He says his father was called to active duty in Afghanistan while he was recovering and took a pair of his son’s Army boots to wear while overseas.

Church then praises President Trump for “making the tough decisions” as he tries to secure the border and create jobs.

“But he needs help,” Church says. “He needs people who come from outside politics, people who don’t owe anything to anyone, people who just want to do things right.”

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