Contact: Amber Meyer Smith, Vice President of Programs & Government Relations, (608) 251-7020 ext. 16

MADISON, WI —Senator Robert Cowles and Representative Joel Kitchens released LRB 1244: P3, a Pollution Prevention Partnership, relating to buying and selling water pollution credits through a clearinghouse.

Amber Meyer Smith, Clean Wisconsin’s Vice President of Government Relations, made the following statement:

“I am encouraged to see continued attention on solutions that will reduce the phosphorus pollution that plagues our waterways. One pound of phosphorus can cause 500 pounds of algae to grow and massive algal blooms continue to choke lakes and rivers throughout Wisconsin. Through this bill, Senator Cowles has taken a serious look at new solutions that could create more cooperation between all the sources of phosphorus pollution to work together to tackle this critical issue.

“Wisconsinites deserve access to clean, safe water, and this bill is another step in the right direction toward a clean water future. We look forward to continuing to discuss the details of the proposal with the authors and working on all of the bipartisan solutions to achieve clean water for Wisconsin.”

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